How To Catch A Drop

When the menu is live add desired items to your shopping cart, click on the Checkout button to review and submit your order. Once you have submitted your order you will receive an order confirmation email. Another email will be sent when your order is ready to schedule delivery and will contain instructions regarding the next step.

AGE REQUIRMENTS You have to be 21+ for recreational purchases / 18+ for medical purchases.

ID REQUIRMENTSThe order name needs to match the ID of the person receiving the order.

PAYMENT: Minimum order is $350 (pretax). We are cash only on delivery (for now). 

RECREATIONAL LIMITS: 28.5 grams of flower and 8 grams of concentrate.

MEDICAL LIMITS: Combined 8 ounces of flower and concentrates per patient per day. For larger orders we deliver over multiple days or to multiple patients, we will get in touch to coordinate for orders over the daily limits 


TAXES: The state requires us to separate all excise and gross receipt taxes from the product pricing, so at checkout you will see product pricing separate from taxes - excise, gross and local.


What if I can’t sign for it? Do I need to be there to sign for the delivery?
Yes, you need to be there to sign for it and show your valid ID.
Ahh shit, I hit check out too early. Can I cancel my order?
Once you hit check out, your order can’t be changed. Please understand, you’ve officially called dibs on those products so they’re off the table for anyone else

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