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Z x Animal Cookies BX2

The Giraffe Puzzy strain is an exclusive collaboration between Doja Exclusive and Seed Junky Genetics that gives off fruity, funky, and floral aromas with an underlying injection of pure sugary candy. Born from crossing Z with Animal Cookies bx2, this unique hybrid is back with a vengeance to hit you with highs that might be insanely euphoric and toxically sedative. Our Giraffe Puzzy has a devilishly sweet finish on the smoke that will keep you coming back for more.

Visually, Giraffe Puzzy has a structure similar to Z, with heavy lime green buds that have more of a conal shape. Muted orange pistils wriggle in between tightly-packed nugs that are dusted in yellowed trichome heads. In your hand, the nugs are light, yet dense. They break apart easily with a pleasing snap that reveals a doughy, sweet, and sour grapefruit fragrance. The trichomes, acting like glue, offer some resistance as you break down this certified HEAT.

Looking at the dominant terpenes for Giraffe Puzzy offers a more well-rounded understanding of why this strain is dummy fire both recreationally and medicinally. Its top three terps are caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene. This cultivar expresses this combination of terpenes in a way that comes across like earthy cookies mixed with fruit and sugar-coated candy.

Caryophyllene creates more of the earthy funk in the flavor and may contribute to Giraffe Puzzy’s potentially pain-relieving qualities. While myrcene contributes more of the floral, hoppy, and sweet aromas and adds to GP’s potentially euphoric daze. Lastly, limonene is a trusted stress reliever with pleasing sweet citrus notes found in many perfumes and cleaning agents. In Giraffe Puzzy, it might further eliminate stress and turn up the good vibes.

Smoke on Giraffe Puzzy might get you higher than, well…you get it. We recommend rolling this up in something organic so you can really savor the flavor and catch the clean white ash on the burn. A few rips of this shit and you might instantly forget what you’re doing and get stuck scrolling or fall deep into streaming services.

If you’re a medical user with a taste for the finer things, Giraffe Puzzy might be great to smoke at any point in the day. On the first puff, you might feel an immediate head change that promotes positivity and washes away physical tension. This delectable strain leaves a taste on your tongue that is so sweet and spicy you’ll come back begging for more.

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