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Biscotti x Jealousy x Sherb Bx1

The Permanent Marker strain originally selected by Doja Exclusive is a diverse creeper that’s as visually stunning as it is stupid LOUD. This indica-dominant hybrid comes from crossing Biscotti with Jealousy and Sherb Bx1 to create a powerhouse hitter that’s super sweet yet funky, earthy, diesel-ridden, and candy-like. Our Permanent Marker smokes smooth as hell and might cause an uplifting yet buzzing and focusing high that creeps into carefree sedation.

Looking at the Permanent Marker strain will almost send your nostrils flaring. Striking violet and boysenberry foliage contrast perfectly with rich green nugs and electric orange pistils jutting out. The entire surface of the nug is drenched in trichomes that are full and crystal clear that sparkle in the light. It’s sticky yet dense to the touch, with the nugs taking on a more conal shape. They reek of fruity berries and minty earth when you crack one open, showing off some of the Gelato terps that come from its Jealousy and Biscotti parents.

When you consider the dominant terpenes for Permanent Marker it offers a better understanding of its medicinal potential as well as an explanation of its utterly delicious aroma. Caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene come up most prominently and it makes total sense. You could describe Permanent Marker as having a peppery minty nose with sweet cookies and gassy undertones, topped with sweet berries and candy.

Caryophyllene might be adding to the anti-inflammatory qualities of Permanent Marker while also providing an earthy, spicy, and peppery kick. Limonene is a known stress reliever and might amplify those effects in the strain as well as provide the more citrusy and sweet notes you smell right under the nose. Lastly, Myrcene comes across more like sweet, hoppy berries in larger amounts and might further provide the calming and euphoric effects you feel with this strain.

From a recreational standpoint, the Permanent Marker strain might get you good and stoned…and then some. It might rapidly turn your frown upside down and inject a jolt of positive electricity into your veins that completely relaxes your mind, yet keeps you physically alert.

Medical users might truly enjoy smoking on some Permanent Marker at any point of the day. They might find with each puff that fuels their creativity while promoting a carefree and laidback physical state. This might be perfect for eliminating stress, anxiety, depression, or even body pain (the more of it you smoke.)

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