Doja Re-Stash Jar

Rethink your stash
Keep your Doja proper

Doja stash jars come with a Silicone koozie that fits like a glove protecting the 8oz glass mason jar inside. We top off the jar with a child resistant lid to create the perfect reusable stash container, RE:STASH.

  • Smell proof
  • Impact resistant
  • Prevents sunlight damage
  • Insulates to reduce temperature change
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Certified child-resistant
  • BPA free Silicone
  • FDA approved
  • Manufactured in USA


Doja Re:stash Includes:
(1) 8oz Doja koozie - 100% FDA approved Silicone
(1) Child proof lid (black)
(1) 8oz mason jar

 Save $10 on both jars!

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